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English Language Course

Unit 1: A or An / Verb to be
Unit 2: Be + Subject Pronouns
Unit 3:Contracions (Pronouns+Be)
Unit 4:Be + Negative and Interrogative
Unit 5:Be + Adjectives
Unit 6:Be + Location
Unit 7:Where + Be
Unit 8:Has or Have
Unit 9:Possessive Adjectives
Unit 10:Demonstrative Adjectives
Unit 11:Asking Questions Using What/Who + be
Unit 12:First,Second and Third Person
Unit 13:Subject and Predicate
Unit 14:Present Indefinite Tense (Affirmative)
Unit 15:Adverbs of Frequency
Unit 16: Present Indefinite Tense (Negative and Interrogative)
Unit 17: Need or Want

Unit 18: Using IT to talk about time

Unit 19: Prepositions of Time

Unit 20: Would like / Like

Unit 21:See, Look at,Watch and Hear ,Listen to

Unit 22: Present Continuous Tense

Unit 23: Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

Unit 24: There is / There are

Unit 25 : Verb to be (Past Time)

Unit 26: Past Simple Tense

Unit 27:Using Can

Unit 28: Making Suggestions Using Should

Unit 29: Making Suggestions Using Let's

Unit 30: Asking Questions Using WH Words

Unit 31: Asking Polite Questions

Unit 32: Expressing Future 1: Using Will

Unit 33: Expressing Future 2: Using Present Continuous Tense

Unit 34: Expressing Future 3: Using Be Going To

Unit 35: Difference between Will and Be Going To

Unit 36: Expressing Past Habits 1: Using Used To

Unit 37: Expressing Past Habits 2: Using Would

Unit 38: Expressing Past Habits 3: Using Past Simple (Indefinite)Tense

Unit 39: Unit 39: Past Continuous (Progressive) Tense

Unit 40: Be Used To

Unit 41: Would Rather

Unit 42: Present Perfect Tense I

Unit 43: Present Perfect Tense II

Unit 44: Indefinite Articles

Unit 45: Definite Article
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