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In this lesson, we shall learn:

  • Adverbs of Frequency.
  • How to use Adverbs of Frequency.
  • Adverbs of Frequency with Present Indefinite Tense.

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Adverbs of Frequency

Adverbs of frequency are simply adverbs which tell us the frequency of an action.In other words, if you want to tell, how many times or how frequently you do an action, you will have to use an adverb of frequency in your sentence. e.g. I brush my teeth.
When you say I brush my teeth,it just tells us that you are habitual of brushing your teeth but it does not tell us how many times you do it because there is no adverb of frequency in it. but,when add an adverb of frequency.
e.g. I always brush my teeth.

In the above sentence, the word always is an adverb of frequency and it tells that I do that action 100%.In other words, it means I never miss brushing my teeth.
Observe the following examples:

Salma always drinks tea with lunch.Always 100%
Ali usually drinks tea with lunch.Usually 99-90%
Maria often drinks tea with lunch.Often 90-75%
Raheel sometimes drinks tea with lunch.Sometimes 75-25%
Arsalan seldom drinks tea with lunch.Seldom 25-10%
Kashif rarely drinks tea with lunch.10-1%
Tahir never drinks tea with lunch.Never 0%
In the above examples, the function of different adverbs of frequency is quite clear. When we use different adverbs of frequency,they show different frequency of an action.

Placing Adverbs of Frequency

Adverbs of frequency come between the Subject and the Simple Present Verb.
Subject + Adverb of Frequency + Simple Present Verb.
Bob always comes to class.
Mary usually comes to class.
Some adverbs of frequency can come at the beginning or at the end of a sentence.
Sometimes, I get up at seven. (beginning)
I sometimes getup at seven. (Middle)
I getup at seven sometimes. (End)
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