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English Tenses Advanced Level

What is a Tense? [The word tense comes from Latin tempus,time.] We have three kinds of time,
  • Present.
  • Past.
  • Future.

What ever we say and whenever we say ,it is related to a particular time.It can not happen that you say a sentence and it is not related to any tense.So tenses are very important in any language.Here you must note that every language does not have grammar , but still they are spoken. But a lot of languages are those which do have grammar and rules and regulations.Tenses does not mean to learn only structures and then you are on your way to using them.

A mistake which students usually make is that they never try to learn the usage of the tenses and just try to memorize the structure of any tense and then they think that they can use the tense. Never, it is never possible. Structures only help you to make sentences , they can never help you in understanding the tenses. So you must try to understand the usage of different tenses and should see how they can be used in different situations. Another mistake is trying to learn tenses ,having indentifications from your own mother tongue, which is a world wide problem. Students rather than understanding the usage of any tense, make an identification of sentences of their own mother tongue and attach that identification with any tense and think that it would be enough for speaking English fleuntly. I don't say that it cannot help you even a bit. It can but it is going to make a boundry of your own lanuguage around English and you will be dependent on your own language to learn English or any other foreign language.

So , the right way to learn tenses is to learn the usage of those tenses. And then , you are on the right path.Remember you must have been learning the usage of tenses for a long long time but still you are here reading this article. So , here a question rises a lot of people claim that they know the usage of all of the tenses but still they cannot speak English. The answer is very simple ,their claim is right , they do know the usage of different tenses but the problem is that they never apply tenses which is the basic problem. Just by knowing the usage of anything cannot make you speak you fluently.You have to apply all of that knowledge which you have at the time of speaking English ,unitl and unless you do it ,you can never speak English fluently.

Please do not mind, but lazy people cannot achieve anything in their lives. If you really want to speak English fluently and properly, make it a habit of applying all what you have learnt so far,otherwise after visiting this website , you will be visiting another website trying to learn tenses.I can guarantee if you learn and APPLY whatever you learn here or anywhere you will not have to wander looking for grammar explanation.

Tips for speakers of Urdu learning English as second language.

The students who are learning English using Urdu, must remember that here you can have explanation of all tenses and other grammar rules and regulations in Urdu ,try to learn English within English and even in Urdu explanations I have emphasized on the importance of learning English without the support of your own mother tongue and I have also given reasons for that, but I know that there are a lot of people in my country who can not understand English, so only for them I have provided grammar explanation and other things in Urdu and even in them I have emphasized on not depending upon Urdu to learn English.


Present Indefinite Tense
Present Continuous Tense
Present Perfect Tense
Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Past Indefinite Tense
Past Continuous Tense
Past Perfect Tense
Past Perfect Continuous Tense
Future Indefinite Tense
Future Continuous Tense
Future Perfect Tense
Future Perfect Continuous
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