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Present Continuous Tense

The Present Continuous is used:-
  1. For an action going on at the time of speaking;
    She is cooking. (right now)
    The boys are singing. (right now)
  2. To show near future ations already arranged;
    I am going to the museum tonight.
    My uncle is selling his car tomorrow.
  3. For a temporary action which may not be happening at the time of speaking;
    I am reading "Harry Potter" now a days. (I am not reading right now)

    Non-Progressive Verbs

    be hear prefer
    believe know see
    belong like think ( meaning believe )*
    hate love understand
    have ( meaning possess )* need want

    *When have expresses possession , it is not used in Present Continuous: Arsalan has a car. In certain idiomatic expressions (e.g. have a good time), have can be used in Present Continuous: I'm having a good time.
    *When think means believe, it is nonprogressive: I think that grammar is easy. However, when think expresses thoughts that are going through a person's mind, it can be used in Present Continuous: I'm thinking about grammar right now.

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