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Present Simple Tense

Present Indefinite Tense is used :-
  1. To express habitual actions;
    He drinks 2 cups of coffee every morning.
    She gets up every day at 5.
  2. To express general truths;
    The sun rises in the east
    The earth revolves round the sun.
  3. In exclamatory sentences beginning with here and there to express what is actually taking place in the present;
    There she goes!
    Here comes the train!
  4. In stories, as substitute for the Simple Past;
    The thief opens the door and enters the house.
  5. To express a future event that is part of a fixed timetable or fixed programme;
    The next train leaves at 6.
    When does this restaurant reopen?
  6. In quotations;
    Aslam says,"Honesty is the best policy."
  7. It is used as a time or conditional clause instead of Simple Future Tense (Future Indefinite Tense);
    If he comes we shall go to the park.
    (conditional clause) I will stay here till your brother comes. (time clause)
  8. In broadcast commentaries on sporting events, instead of Present Continuous, to describe activities in progress where there is stress on the succession of happenings rather than on the duration

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