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Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Observe the following sentences:-
1. I am playing cricket. (right now) (Present Continuous)
2. I have been playing cricket since 8 in the morning. (right now) (Present Perfect Continuous)

If you pay a little attention to both of the sentences, you should see that both of the actions started some time back in past and both of the actions are still going on.But, the biggest difference between the two sentences is TIME. In sentence 1 time is not present, but in sentence 2 times is present and that is the biggest difference between Present Continuous and Present Perfect Continuous.
So the rule is simple, when you want to tell whatever you are doing at the time of speaking and you don't want to mention how long you have been doing it, use Present Continuous Tense and when you want to tell the action you are doing and how long you have been doing it, use Present Perfect Continuous.In other words,this tense is used to indicate the duration or starting point of an activity that began in the past and continues to the present.
Sara is sleeping. (right now without time) (Present Continuous)
Sara has been sleeping for five hours. (still sleeping but with time) (Present Perfect Continuous).

Present Perfect Continuous is also used for actions already completed but in such cases the continuity of the activity is emphasized as an explanation of something.
"Why are your clothes so dirty?" -----------"I have been playing football in the park."
"You look sleepy"----------"Yeah! I have been working late at night."
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