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Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense is used :-
  1. To show actions completed in the immediate past (usually with JUST);
    He has just left for the airport.
    I have just finished my homework.
  2. To show past actions whose time is not mentioned and definite;
    Have you read "Harry Potter"?
    I have seen Japan.
  3. To define past events when we focus on their effect in the present than of the action itself;
    Aslam has eaten all of the cake. (There isn't any left for me)
    I have cut my finger. (and it is bleeding now)
    I have done my homework. (now I am free)
  4. To show experiences of your life;
    I have been to K-2.
    I have jumped from an aeroplane.
  5. Present Perfect Tense is also used To express a situation (not action) that began in the past and continues to the present and it usually comes with since or for ;

    (a) I have been here since seven o'clock.
    (b) We have been here for two weeks.
    (c) I have known him for many years.
Present Perfect Tense is never used with adverbs of past time.For Example; We must not say "He has gone to Karachi yesterday" in such case you had better use Simple Past Tense "He went to Karachi yesterday".
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