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Difference between Need and Want

In this lesson, we shall learn.
  • The difference between Need and Want.
  • How to use Need and Want.
  • Two different Patterns of Need/Want.

Need/Want + Infinitive.
Need/Want + Noun.

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Need And Want


There is a great difference between Need and Want. Need shows that something is very important.
E.g. We need food in order to live.
In this sentence, you can well understand the use of need that we need food to live and without eating food no one can survive.But that is not all.There are other things in our lives which are very important. The idea of need and want changes and varies from person to person.If a thing is my Need , it is not necessary for another person to be his/her need too. Observe the following examples.
E.g. My mother is sick and I don't have enough money to buy medicine. I need 100 dollars.

In this example you can see that 100 dollars is a need . Just remember that when something is very very important for you and you cannot manage without it, that is your Need.


Now you know what Need is. Want is less important than Need. It might be your desire. Just Imagine that you are shifting to a new apartment. If you are thinking to buy a stove , so that is your need but if you are thinking to buy a stereo player so that is not your need, it is WANT. Observe the following example:
A: I'm thirsty.
B: Let me get you a glass of water.
A: No, I want a glass of mango juice.

In the above example you can see that A is thirsty and B offers him water but A denies and asks for a glass of mango juice which is his want. Your thirst can be quenched by drinking water that is why a glass of mango juice is your WANT.

Need/Want + A Noun.

This is Pattern No.1 of Need and Want. We can use Need and Want + A Noun
E.g. I need / want a glass of water(noun)


Infinitive = To + First form of a verb

Need/Want + An Infinitive

This is Pattern No.2 of Need and Want. We can use Need and Want + A Noun.
E.g. I need / Want to buy ( infinitive) a car.

Structure of Need and Want

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