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Using IT To Talk About Time

In this lesson of learning English as a second language, we shall learn:
  1. How to ask and tell time
  2. Using it to tell time

Video Explanation In English

Video Explanation In Urdu

In English Language, people usually use it to talk about time. It means that if anyone one asks about time, the other person answering him starts his sentence with it.


a) What day is it?                     It's Monday.

b) What month is it?                 It's September.

c) What year is it?                    It's 2008.

d) What's the date today?        It's _________.

e) What time is it?                    It's 9:00*

                                                            It's nine.

                                               It's nine o'clock.

                                               It's nine A.M.

* In American  English a colon (two dots) are used between the hour and the minutes : 9:00 . In British English only one dot is used : 9.00

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