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Prepositions of Time

In this lesson of  Learning English as a Second Language , we shall learn a few Prepositions of Time:

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There are many Prepositions of Time and their uses also vary from one another. Prepositions of Time are those Prepositions which do not show any location, they show time.

In this lesson we shall the use of the following Prepositions of Time:

at , in , on , from ..........to.


1. At is used with specific time on the clock , it means that if you want to show clock time , you should use at .

                At + a specific time  on the clock.  ( at 2:30 , at 4:00 , at 9:15)

2. At is also used with night .Remember only with night not with any other time of the day .

                At + night    (We will go to the park at night)


1. In is used with the following :

            in +  specific month        (My sister's birthday is in December)

            in + specific year            (She was born in 1980)

            in + the morning             (They have to run in the morning)              

            in + the afternoon            (Jim has a class in the afternoon)   

            in + the evening               (I work in the evening)


1. On is used with a particular day of the week and with particular date.

            on + a particular day of the week            (I am going to Lahore on Monday)

            on + a particular date                             (I was born on December 4th, 1987)

From.............to :

1. These two Prepositions are used together to show starting time and ending time of anything.

            From (a particular time ) to (a particular time)            

            (We will stay at the party from 9:00 to 12:00)


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