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Would Like and Like

In this lesson of learning English as a Second Language , we shall learn :

  • The Use of Would like.
  • The Use of Like.
  • The Difference between Like and Would like.


Please Click the following links to watch Video Explanation of the topic

Video Tutorial in English

Video Tutorial in Urdu


Would like

Observe the following sentences.

1. I want a cup of tea.  (Informal)

2. I would like a cup of tea. (Formal)

Both of the sentences above are same. It means that Would like delivers the same idea as Want but there is  a matter of  Formal and Informal. If you are attending an official meeting or a party , there if someone asks ,what you would like to eat or drink , you should use Would like instead of  Want because it is an official party  and you cannot behave informally, simply, it is a very polite way to tell that you want something.


It  is used when you are not being formal like if you are hanging out with your friends there your formality is not going to work so should use Want there.

So, remember that it is only a matter of Formal and Informal. By the following equation you can easily understand the use of Would like and Want.

Want (Informal) = Would like (Formal)



Like is different than would like, would like shows that you want something at that time or in future time, but like  shows your interest and does not reflect any time.

E.g.  I like burgers. 

In the above sentence , you are telling that you like something and this thing remains constant in every time . You are not talking about Past , Present or Future in other words you are talking about all of the times.

When you say I like burgers does not mean that you want a burger at that time or in near Future. It shows your interest which does not show any time.

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