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Using Let's in English Language

In Today's lesson of Learning English as a Second Language, we shall learn:

  • Making suggestions using Let's

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In Unit 28: Using Should we learnt that when we like to give a mild suggestion or advice to someone , we use Should. In today's lesson we'll be learning  (Using Let's).

Let's is also used for making suggestion but this suggestion is not the one like Should. When you suggest something using Let's = Let us , you include yourself in this suggestion with others.


A: What should we do ?

B:  Let's go to picnic.

A: Ok.

Ali : What should we have for dinner tonight?

Salma: Let's eat at a restaurant.

Ali : That sounds like a good idea!!

In example no.1 you can observe that A is asking for a suggestion for both of them. B suggests using Let's and includes himself in the suggestion. That  it is good idea for both A and B  to go to picnic.

In example no.2 Ali asks Salma about dinner. Salma suggests using Let's including herself and the suggestion of eating at a restaurant is for Ali and Salma both. When Salma says "Let's eat at a restaurant" It means that I think that we should eat at a restaurant.


Affirmative :   Let's + First form of a Verb + Object

                        Let's        play                        hockey

Negative:        Let's + not + First form of a Verb + Object

                       Let's    not     disturb                        him

NOTE : There is not interrogative structure of Let's as a suggestion may not be in an interrogative form. A suggestion may be Positive or Negative.

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