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Using Wh Words

In this lesson of Learning English as a Second Language , we shall learn :

  • Asking Questions using Wh Words

Video Tutorial in English

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If you went through Unit 7 you must have learnt kinds of Questions. As you know that there are two kinds of Questions :

Ones which start with helping verbs are called Confirmative Questions.

Ones which start with WH words are called Informative Questions.

Kindly go through Unit 7 for complete information about Informative and Confirmative Questions.

In this lesson we shall learn, different kinds of WH words and how they are used.

Wh Words Purpose
Who For Person
Where For Place
When For Time
Why For Reason
What For Thing
Which For Choice
Whom Object of Who
How For Manner
Whose For Possession

If you want to ask/ get information about a person, start your question from (Who) for place (Where) and likewise the rest.


A:    Who broke the glass?        (Asking about a person)

B:    Aslam.

A:    Where were you last week?    (Asking about a place)

B:    In New York.

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