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Expressing Future Using Will

In this lesson of Learning English as a Second Language, we shall learn:

  • Using Will (Future Simple)
  • Structure of Will (Future Simple)
  • Contraction of Will
  • Short Replies

Video Tutorial in English

Video Tutorial in Urdu

First of all I would like to tell you that there are many ways of expressing Future Time. For example we can use Present Continuous to express Future Time or Going to which we will learn in coming lessons.

I hope you know what modal verbs are , in previous units  we did a few modals like Should and Can. Will is also a modal verb which is used to express Future Time, but this is  not the only use of Will. There are other uses of Will as well. We shall learn those uses in Advanced level of English later.

Observe the following:

e.g. I will play hockey tomorrow.             (Not happening at the time of speaking)

      She will go to Islamabad next week.   (Not happening at the time of speaking)

If you observe the above examples, you will see that both of the above examples do not show Past or Present Time, they show Future Time.

If you have decided or planned something to do in Future you should use will for such kind of actions.

 If today I plan or decide something for tomorrow, for describing my plans that I have made for tomorrow, I will use WILL.

e.g. I will not go to school tomorrow. I will stay at home . Then at 10 a.m. I will go to the supermarket. I will come back at 12 , then I will cook lunch etc.

The above example very clearly describes the use of WILL to express Future Plans or Future Arrangements. An important thing to remember is that , like other modals , Will does not have any meaning. So, please do not try to translate the word "WILL" in your own mother tongue.

Note: Will is used to express Future Time and Future is not only tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next month or next year. You can use will for the plans and arrangements for the same day.

e.g. Time right now: 2 pm  Doing Right now : Eating lunch.

A:    It is 2 pm right now and I am having lunch.

B:    What will you do after the lunch?

A:    I will sleep till 4.

B:    Then what will you do?

A:    I will go to the park near my home. There I will play with my friends and I will come back around 6.

The above example clearly expresses the use of WILL for the actions  that will take place in the same day.

I would again like to remind you that expressing Future Plans / Arrangements is just one the other uses of WILL.

Contraction of Will

I will = I'll

He  will = He'll

She will = She'll

It will = It'll

They will = They'll

We will = We'll

You will = You'll

Contraction of Will with Not

Will + not = Won't

She will not  = She won't

There is no contraction of WILL with nouns.

Aslam will (Correct)     Aslam'll  (Incorrect)


Structure of Will

Affirmative:     Subject + will + 1st form of a verb + Object.

                        I             will        call                     you tomorrow.

Negative:        Subject + will + not + 1st form of a Verb + Object.

                        I             will    not         call                     you tomorrow.

Interrogative:    Will + Subject + 1st form of a Verb + Object?

                        Will     you             call                         me tomorrow?

We always use first form of a Verb with WILL.

Correct:     Aslam will leave his job next year.

Incorrect:    Aslam will to leave his job next year.

Incorrect    Aslam will leaves his job next year.



This thing always confuses students if they should use SHALL with I / We or WILL with I / We. I must tell you that every language of the world is in the processes of evolution (Changing ). The way people used English 100 years ago , was a lot different than the people using English now. You can use Will with all of the pronouns. I , We , You , He , She , It  and They. People may be pointing you out if you use will with  I / We. Don't listen to the just ignore them. Remember that you are conversing not competing.

Short Replies.

A:    Will you come to school tomorrow?

B:    Yes , I will.

A:    Will she attend the party?

B:    No , she won't.

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