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Expressing Future Using Be Going To

In this lesson of Learning English as a Second Language, we shall learn:

  • Expressing Future using "be going to"

  • Difference between Present Continuous and going to

Observe the following examples:

I will take admission in an English language centre tomorrow.  (Expressing Future using WILL)

I am taking admission in an English language centre tomorrow.  (Expressing Future using Present Continuous Tense)

I am going to take admission in an English language centre tomorrow. (Expressing Future using Be Going to)

There isn't any difference in the above sentences, all show Future ."Be going to" is a verb phrase which is used to show Future Plans or Arrangements. Like Will , it also has some other uses, but we are not learning those uses in this lesson. We shall cover those uses later .

Note: You can see that be going to starts with be , so if you don't know what be is please visit  Unit 1  before proceeding.

Video Tutorial in English

Video Tutorial in Urdu

"Going to" is also used to express Future Plans or Arrangements and it does not mean anything. Do not take it as a verb "GO" , it is just a verb phrase and does not mean going somewhere.

e.g. I am going to buy  a car next week , does not mean that I am going somewhere to buy a car next week, instead it means that I will buy a car next week.

I am going to buy a car next week = I will buy a car next week

 I must tell you that there is a little difference between WILL and BE GOING TO but here I am not telling you that difference, the reason is that sometimes students are not ready to understand a difference between two things and I don't want to involve you in any complexity. Well,for the time being just remember that there isn't any difference between will and Going to. I will explain the difference between them in  the next unit.

Using Will, Present Continuous and Going to for Expressing Future

It depends upon a person what he wants to use for expressing Future, now you know that you can use WILL , Present Continuous Tense and Be going to to express Future Plans and all of them give the same idea , you can use whatever you like to express Future Arrangement / Plan.

e.g.  He will clean his room this weekend   (Expressing Future Using WILL)


He is cleaning his room this weekend     (Expressing Future Using Present Continuous Tense)


He is going to clean his room this weekend    (Expressing Future Using Going to)

Pronunciation of Going to

Going to is often pronounced as "gonna" at the time of speaking in an informal speech.

e.g. I am going to write a letter = I'm gonna write a letter.

Structure of  be going to

Affirmative :     Subject + be + going to + First form of a verb +  Object.                  

                                    I            am     going to         visit                       my aunt tonight

                                    She         is      going to          call                        your parents

Negative    :    Subject + be + not + going to + First form of a verb +  Object.

                            I         am     not     going to         visit                 my aunt tonight

                            She     is     not       going to         call                 your parents.

Interrogative:    Be +  Subject + going to + First form of a verb +  Object?

                        Are     you        going to         visit                        your aunt tonight?

                        Is        she        going to            call                         your parents?


 Words Used for Future Time



Tomorrow morning

Tomorrow afternoon

Tomorrow evening

Tomorrow night

Next week

Next month

Next year

Next weekend

Next spring

Next summer

Next fall

Next winter

Next Tuesday


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