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Using Would Rather

In this lesson of learning English as a second language, we shall learn:

  • How to use Would Rather.
  • Structure of Would Rather.
  • Contraction of Would Rather.

We use would rather to show our preference. It means that if you want to express that you like would like to do something  than another, you will use would rather.

For Example:

I would rather play cricket than clean my room.

Here you are showing the preference of playing cricket over cleaning your room. In other words you would prefer to play cricket than clean your room. You must remember that you must have another thing in your sentence to show preference over it.

For Example:

She would rather go shopping than study grammar.

In this example you are showing your preference (shopping) over (study grammar).

Video Tutorial in English

Video Tutorial in Urdu

Sometimes, it is not necessary to complete the preference because it is clear from the context or the conversation going on.

For Example:

A:    Would you like to go shopping with me?

B:    I would rather stay home and study.

In this example B did not complete the preference ,like he didn't say  I would rather stay home and study (than go shopping with you)

If the verb is same, you don't have to repeat it.

For example:

He would rather play hockey than (play) cricket.

She would rather eat a burger than (eat)  a sandwich.


Structure of Would Rather

Affirmative : Subject + would rather + VI* + Object + than + VI + Object.

                      He        would rather      clean his room than    go shopping

                      I           would rather     take   his gift  than yours

Negative:    Subject + would rather + not + VI* + Object + than + VI + Object.

                     He        would rather   not    clean his room than    go shopping

                      I           would rather   not   take   his gift  than yours

Interrogative: Would + subject + rather + VI* + Object + than + VI + Object?

                      Would    he          rather    clean     his room than  go  shopping?

                       Would   you        rather      take     his gift      than mine?


Contraction of Would Rather

He would     =     He'd

She would    =    She'd

We would    =    We'd

They would  =    They'd

It  would      =     It'd

You would   =     You'd

I    would     =     I'd

Negative Form:

He would rather not       =    He'd rather not

She would rather not      =    She'd rather not

They would rather not    =    They'd rather not

You    would rather not  =    You'd rather not

It  would rather not        =     It'd rather not

We would rather not      =      We'd rather not




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