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Everybody wants to speak English fluently with great foreign accent but not everybody knows the easiest and simplest way to do so. English skills can be improved by using different methods. For example you can read newspapers and magazines, listen to English music and news channels, watch English movies and dramas, take admission in an English language centre . But one of the most important things to improve your English speaking skills is being in an English speaking environment.


If you are in an English speaking environment, you can communicate effectively. When you continuously hear and speak, you  unconsciously improve your language skills. When you interact with people in an English speaking environment you learn new idioms, structures, phrases. You get more confidence, and gradually  become less hesitant in such kind of environment. You can discuss ideas with the people having same interests and as you start making friends, it becomes far easier and fun to improve your speaking  skills.


How to get into an English speaking environment?


Living in an English speaking country:


The best way to have an English speaking environment is to migrate to an English speaking country. That way you will be bound to speak only in English. Imagine hours and hours of speaking and listening to English will have a great impact on your English skills. You will be completely surrounded by an English speaking environment. Your mind will automatically set it self to this new environment. Some students learning English as a second language complain about not grasping a foreign accent, by this way you will easily comprehend a foreign accent. If you are a student, you can make friends with other students who are willing to improve their English speaking skills.


Conversation Groups:


If you can not afford to move to an English speaking country, the cheapest way is to join or make a conversation group. There are many language centres that offer conversation classes. You can join these conversation classes and meet people from different walks of life. This way you will not only improve your English speaking skills but also your knowledge. These conversation classes usually have different topics to discuss you can talk in the form of groups or you can have a one on one conversation. If you can not even afford to join a language centre, I would recommend you to make a group of your own, just tell your friends who are interested in improving their English speaking skills to join your group. It is not necessary to have a particular place for this group. You can meet anywhere, like parks, restaurants, movies, dinner, picnics etc. This way you will be improving your English speaking skills in a relaxed environment.


Some students may find learning English a difficult and boring task. Practising speaking English will make learning English full of fun for you. You yourself make something interesting or boring. When you plunge yourself in an English speaking environment you will find that you are learning English easily and quickly with a lot of fun. You become more confident in speaking English and interacting with people. There may be some other ways to improve English speaking skills but I find the above two the most effective , the easiest and enjoyable at the same time.

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