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No (Zero)  Article

In this lesson of learning English as a second language, we shall learn:

  • Where not to use any Article.

In Unit 44, we learnt how to use Indefinite Articles (A, An) and in Unit 45, we learnt how to use Definite Article (THE). I hope that now you have a clear understanding of how to use The Articles. In today's lesson, we will look at those places where we can't use any Article at all.

Video Tutorial in English

Video Tutorial in Urdu/ Hindi

We Can't Use Any Article:

  1. Before the names of substances and abstract nouns (uncountable nouns) used in general sense.
For Example:

Sugar is bad for teeth

Gold is a precious metal

Honesty is the best policy

But when you talk about any substance or an uncountable noun in particular. You will use definite article (The).

For Example:

The gold in this watch is not of good quality.

The honesty of his brother must not be doubted.

  1. Before Plural nouns  used in general sense

For Example:

Children like ice-creams

Computers are now used everywhere

But if you talk about Particular plural nouns you will have to use “The” Before them

For Example:

Where are the children? (=our children)

Where are the students? (= my students)

Where are the servants? (= my servants)

  1. Before the Names of People

For Example:

The Arsalan  (X)

The Rashid    (X)

The Alice       (X)

  1. Before the Names of Continents

For Example:

The Asia        (X)

The Europe    (X)

The Africa      (X)

  1. Before the Names of Countries and Cities

For Example:

The Pakistan

The India

The Sydney

The Karachi

  1. Before the Names of Individual Mountains

For Example:

The K2   (X)

The Mount Everest    (X)

The Mount Kilimanjaro    (X)

  1. Before the Names of Individual Islands and Lakes

For Example:

The  Navarino (X) is in Chile

The Keenjhar lake (X) or

 Karli Lake (X) is in Pakistan

  1. Before names of meals used in general sense

For Example:

When do you take breakfast?

What time do you take lunch?

But if you talk about a specific meal then you will use “The” before it

For Example:

The lunch I had yesterday was very delicious.

The dinner I had at your house last week was very spicy.

  1. Before Languages

For Example:

The English    (X)

The Urdu        (X)

The Punjabi    (X)

  1. Before the names of Relations

For Example:

The father    (X)

The mother  (X)

The aunt      (X)

The uncle    (X)

  1. Before the means of Transport

For Example:

We go to school by bus.

She went to Lahore by train.

  1. Before school, college, church, bed, table, hospital, market ,prison ,when you visit or use these places or objects for their primary purpose.

For Example:

I learnt English at school

She goes to church every Sunday.

I sleep on bed

But  “The” will be used with these words when we talk particularly of them rather than normal activity people go there for

For Example:

The school is very far from my house. (not talking about normal activity)


I met Ali at the church.    (not talking about normal activity)


The bed you bought is very expensive.    (not talking about normal activity)


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