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How Can I Speak English

You may hear a lot of people asking "How Can I Speak English?" Well it is quite easy to speak English but you need to face the reality that speaking any language like English Language comes with hard work. Believe me there is no magic or a short cut to speaking English. You think think that earlier I said it is easy to speak English and then I said you need to work hard, well, you need to understand that if something is easy, does not mean that you don't need to work hard. I believe there no such thing as difficult, it is only in the state of mind. It is actually we, who make things easy or difficult. If you follow guidelines and rules and regulations, everything becomes easy and hard work means that you need to be consistent and keep on trying until you achieve your goal.

You can speak English Using the following steps:

  1. If you are completely new to learning English Language, start from the basic stuff. Learn the alphabets, simple phrases like, "Good morning!" "Thank You!" "You're Welcome".
  2. Next, you must be willing to learn English grammar, it may sound boring, but believe me if you really want to speak with confidence, you have to learn grammar. English grammar is not that difficult, it may be quite interesting, if you make it interesting.
  3. Don't learn English grammar from an inexperienced person or  a person you know who speaks English fluently and you might think that he may be the right choice to learn grammar. Always remember that if you see a person speaking English fluently does not make him a good grammar teacher. A very simple example is, native Americans speak English but not all know grammar. Take example of your own mother tongue, can you teach grammar of your language? but you can speak it.
  4. Find yourself a good English Language Institute. You can also take services of a private tutor. You need to be very careful in selecting your tutor or Institute. I see a lot of students who just hop from one institute to another institute. Do a bit of research and then decide.
  5. Improve your vocabulary. That is another important thing to speaking English. Learning grammar and improving vocabulary go hand in hand. Read a variety of English magazines, stories, novels or whatever interests you. You should also make it a habit of listening to a lot of English Language.
  6. Listen to radio. I personally like BBC radio 4 extra,it is a very good radio channel to improve your English, you can improve your vocabulary and the way you speak. They have programs of all kind, comedy, drama, suspense etc.
  7. Grammar is your foundation, if you are not willing to learn grammar stop asking "How Can I Speak English?"
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